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Know-how through more than 180 years of textile production

Beginning in 1483, when Lauffenmühle was mentioned for the first time, through 1834, its founding year as a textile company, the company has continuously developed into a state-of-the-art all-process textile company specialized in the development and production of fabrics for professional and protective clothing.

With its history, which includes over 180 years of experience in textile production, Lauffenmühle is now a Europe-wide name for textile innovation, owing largely to its permanent investment in new technologies and an active participation in research projects in addition to a very close cooperation with textile institutes.

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Innovative and sustainable textile production

Know-how and an innovative spirit – a perfect symbiosis

Lauffenmühle has always known how to adapt to the needs of the times – and the demands of the market. There were, for example, “high-times” for denim, for corduroy fabrics and for a long period of time also for fashionable flat fabrics.

Today, the company is a European leader in the development and production of first-class fabrics for high-quality professional and protective clothing, as well as for customized company clothing. Understandably therefore, sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy.

Recent company history

The last years

  1. 2003: Öko-Tex Standard 100
  2. 2007: Use of FSC-certified lyocell yarn
    Tencel® by Lenzing as an ecologically pertinent alternative to cotton
  3. 2008: International bluesign® Standard of the textile industry
  4. 2012: Energy management system ISO 50001
    (precursor: DIN EN 16001)
  5. 2013: C2C Gold certified® fabric reworx®
  6. 2014: Öko-Tex Standard 100, Product class 1 -
    so-called ‘baby class’
  7. 2014: Conversion in the equipment from C8- to the ecologically more sensible C6 chemistry
  8. 2015: Flocert certification: Fairtrade®
  9. Member of 'Partnership for Sustainable Textiles'

Visual impressions of the long textile tradition

With spinning, weaving & finishing at the location Germany