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Quality – completely made in Germany

100% control: spinning, weaving and finishing processes

Quality policy and management

Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG is a highly flexible, future-oriented company for sustainable fabric production.

Consistent development work, continuous investments in the latest technology and thus the most stringent demands on quality have resulted in the company being the market leader in Germany for fabrics in the occupational and protective clothing market and is also a strong player in Europe with a share of 45% of its export.


In addition to absolute customer orientation, good product quality is one of the most important strategic parameters within the company, which are constantly being optimized.

Lauffenmühle is constantly working to not only meet but exceed these standards - all internal processes are strictly controlled and monitored according to this objective.

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Quality Assurance – short overview

Lauffenmühle has been working since 1992, as one of the first spinning and weaving mills in Europe, according to a strict process-oriented approach of quality management - this included in particular:

  • responsibility of the management: self -commitment of the management
  • Customer orientation | Quality Policy | Planning | Responsibility, knowledge and communication Management assessment
    Management of resources: provision of resources Personnel Resources | Infrastructure | Work environment
  • Product realization: planning of product realization | Customer-related processes | Development | Procurement | Production and services | Control of monitoring and measuring instruments.

Our quality management includes spinning mill control, weaving mill control, equipment mill control as well as two technological laboratories for fibre, yarn, raw fabric and finished fabric testing.

Mill Control

Quality in production

Mill control is predominantly carried out directly within the three production processes, spinning, weaving and finishing, including:

  • regular monitoring of the individual production stages – from the blend to the finished fabric
  • Inspection of machine parameters, work processes and products
  • Transparent presentation, evaluation and interpretation of quality data
  • Process optimization taking into account the above-mentioned points

Among the areas to be monitored in Lauchringen are the spinning mill outworks and the spinning mills. We produce ring and core spun yarns as well as rotor and air spun yarns. The weaving mill outwork, with its warping, shearing and sizing mills, as well as the weaving mill with air-jet and rapier weaving machines, are regularly inspected and optimized.

Whereas the Lörrach plant manages pretreatment, dyeing and finishing, which are systematically checked and appropriate optimizations are implemented if necessary. Pretreatment involves processes such as singeing, desizing, bleaching and mercerising. In dyeing, we can dye continuously or discontinuously. Mechanical processes, e.g. sanforizing or chemical processes, e.g. our Ecosoft finish.

Technological tests

Quality in product

In the technological laboratories – one each in Lauchringen and Lörrach – the products are tested according to the defined test plans. They are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment, and are tested exclusively in an air-conditioned standard environment.

We are already testing our fibres. This includes, for example, nits and trash tests on cotton. Pre-products such as flyer flunts and ribbons e.g. On subtleties and uniformities. On the other hand, to their firmness, twist, hairiness, uniformity and fineness. The raw fabric tests, for example, relate to the strength, weight, width, setting and binding of the fabric.

At the end, the finished fabric tests are finished. In addition to basic routine tests such as width, weight and wash shrinkage, we also test technical values ​​according to the specifications of the European Textile Services Association (E.T.S.A.); Modern equipment, which simulates leasing and drying, is available for this purpose. Further tests such as self-smoothing, abrasion resistance, thermal shrinkage, tear strength, elongation and tear strength as well as pilling according to Martindale are also performed routinely. Technological tests include the colour tests, which include all authentications, e.g. washing, welding, water, friction, light, hypochlorite. In addition to the important visual inspection, all colours are also judged by colourmetrics.