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Fabrics – safe for biological regeneration

Cradle to Cradle® means no longer producing waste
The Cradle to Cradle® principle follows the principle of waste = food or even: endless circulation of all materials used without any down-cycling – start: product design.

In principle, there are two cycles (biological and technical) within which the material flow forms a closed system – Closing the Loop. In textile production, we have opted for the biological cycle.

  • Products manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle® standard are safe for biological regeneration, that is, they are biogically degradable under controlled conditions.
  • Neither the textile fibres nor the chemicals used, e.g. colouring
    agents, sizing agents, etc.,
    leave behind harmful residues in the biological regeneration!

After returning to the biological cycle, the textiles become nutrients for micro-organisms and thus for new life, the cultivation of food, etc.

Cradle to Cradle - Video

What's Cradle to Cradle about? - A short Visualisation