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Work - Life - Balance

Work and private life ...

We see ourselves as a service and social community: operational requirements are the undisputed priority – at the same time, we respect our employees' need for a perfect work-life balance.
A very important prerequisite for achieving our corporate goals is the satisfaction of our employees.

... In perfect balance

We believe in bringing the variety of working and living models of our employees in sync with our demands as employers. This is so, because we understand that along with a sustainable personnel policy, efficiency, willingness and the commitment of our employees are essential prerequisites for our collective success.

Flexible working hours model

The work time models and areas of responsibility are correspondingly diverse. At the Lauchringen and Lörrach production sites, we work according to contemporary shift models around the clock. At both locations there are also part-time individual and flexible working hours. Therefore, in certain areas, we are able to do without a core working time. For us, goal-orientation supersedes time-orientation.

This approach also allows room for our employees. For example, parents can accompany their children to school or kindergarten. The supervisor and personnel department sit together to discuss exactly how the work model will look. The approval of the respective department is indispensable for good teamwork. Related details are laid down in corresponding work agreements for working hours.

Train your Brain!

Advanced training is important for us

Fit for the job – this is just one of our basic principles. Whether in production, administration, technical service or in the field of external service – the employees find a level of support for education and training with us through many opportunities.

Some opportunities we offer: master craftsman training, leadership training, sales training or free-time support for your ongoing vocational training (IHK, DHV etc.), e.g. for accountancy, entrepreneurship or other qualifications.