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Kadelburgerstraße 11 / D - 79787 Lauchringen
Phone: +49 77 41 602 0 / Fax: +49 77 41 602 388
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Full-scale fabric production in Germany

The entire company, with more than 180 years of experience in textile production, specializes in the production of fabrics for classic workwear, corporate clothing and protective clothing.

We work towards a better future through intensive research and development, benefiting from close cooperation with renowned research institutes as well as our supply chain partners.

Through it all, our objective is to provide our customers with innovative, high-quality and sustainable products along with first-class advice and the best service tailored to their individual needs.

As one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality yarns and fabrics, we produce completely (with spinning, weaving and finishing) exclusively in Germany at two locations on the Upper Rhine: Lauchringen and Lörrach.

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