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reworx® - Cradle to Cradle Gold certified®

Regenerative fabrics for professional wear – and many other areas of use

In line with our vision of providing the textile industry with innovative and sustainable products, we feel that it is time for regenerative textiles. Therefore, we have developed fabrics that meet the sustainable Cradle to Cradle principle. After a long product service life, they can be returned to the biological cycle without pollutants.

Cradle to Cradle® means not generating any waste any more.

The principle follows the fundamentals of continuous regeneration of all materials used without any downcycling: “closing the Loop”. For textiles, we decided on the biological cycle instead of a technical one.

Products according to the Cradle to Cradle® standard are safe for biological regeneration: neither the textile fibres nor the chemicals used, e.g. dyes, sizing agents etc. leave behind harmful residues after returning to the biological cycle. After returning to the biological cycle, the textiles form the nutrient for micro-organisms and thus for new life, cultivation of foodstuffs, etc.

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