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Product line Relax

Comfort through stretch and durable elasticity

Excellent wear comfort due to long-lasting elasticity

With a good 20% stretch and very good bounce-back properties, Relax offers lasting elasticity and therefore optimum comfort. The fabric is perfectly suited for producing extremely comfortable and durable professional clothing. Relax offers maximum freedom of movement and supports all movements.

The high wear comfort resulting from the soft elasticity and comfortable handling ensure ease in every working situation. The superlative bounce-back properties of Relax – with a permanent stretch of less than 5% – ensure that the fit is maintained and the clothing looks good even after long-term use.

Outstanding technical properties

Relax fabric is made from core yarn. The classic cotton-polyester mixture is spun around an elastic core which gives the yarn its lasting elasticity. This elastic component of the yarn is made of elastolefin and is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. Relax is easily washable industrially and retains its elasticity over the entire product life. In addition, Relax offers excellent technical values ​​for its initial structure, pilling and best colour behaviour.


Easy to process and maintain

All Relax fabrics can be processed in the best way – in principle just like standard blend fabrics. They offer the same stability and durability as inelastic fabrics of the same fibre blends. Relax does not require any complex maintenance and washing processes and can be treated like conventional blend fabrics – also in industrial washing processes. It is therefore also ideal for the leasing business.

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