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WorldSkills Germany: The World Championships of the professions - Pomoting young talent and safeguarding the future concerns all of us!

The Vision:
WorldSkills Germany, as a recognized network partner in the field of dual education, opens up new ways for young people to turn their passion into a career and become the best in their field!

The mission: join forces, exploiting synergies
Together with members and partners, WorldSkills Germany creates a nationwide, strong and sustainable platform in the education network community to optimally empower young talent and to support companies with passionate, highly trained and innovative professionals with international experience.

About WorldSkills Germany
WorldSkills Germany promotes and supports national and international competitions for non-academic professions. The competitions are driving forces for professional education, business contacts and platform for presenting new developments. They show young people opportunities at an early stage and motivate to achieve excellence in training. WorldSkills Germany is ambassador for the location Germany and Organizer of the national preliminary rounds, through which the participants qualify for the WorldSkills. Founded in 2006, WorldSkills Germany unites the commitment and ideas of currently more than 70 members, partners, companies and associations. He is the national member organization of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe.

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