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Product Innovations launched during A+A Show in Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 17th – 20th 2017

reworx®: Healthy fabrics for workwear - RebeccaDigital: Digitally printed fabrics - Energy Relax: Exceptional comfort through 4-way elasticity

  1. reworx®: Healthy Workwear Fabrics & Safe for Biological Cycles - Whilst Offering Full Technical Performance for Professional Laundry
    Ready to close the loop: Thanks to new developments in terms of raw material, chemicals such as dyestuff and process technologies there are now solutions available for the textile industry. Due to a biodegradable polymer and it’s new processing there are now reworx® fabrics as well as infinito® accessories available which garantuee full technical performance for the textile service industry - and silmultaneously full bio-degradability of the garments after end-of- life.
    All reworx® fabrics as well as the infinito® accessories are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold level. Furthermore, they fulfill also expectations of employees into their work clothes: In terms of “Material Health”, maybe the most important one of the five C2C criteria, the reworx® fabrics do even comply with ‘Platin’, which is the highest possible level when talking about Cradle to Cradle® product design.
  2. RebeccaDigital: Highlight during A+A Show
    Digitally printed fabrics, 215 g in a blend of 65/35 % Polyester/Tencel in a whole bunch of designs have been presented to customers! Available in order sizes from 10 meters onwards, Lauffenmühle produces these fabrics on demand with very short lead times. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time for more information.
  3. Energy Relax: Permanent 4-Way Stretch Provides Exceptionell Comfort for Hard Working People
    Within it’s comprehensive Relax-range, Lauffenmühle comes up with to new fabrics to offer an extraordinary comfort – perfectly for hard working people. Due to the usage of heat- and chemical resistant Elastolefin fibres in warp and weft of the fabric, the 4-way stretch is preserved over the complete lifecycle of the fabric – even when the workwear is being washed industrially. An extraordinary comfort as the multidirectional stretch supports each movement of the wearer. Energy Relax fabrics come in several colours with weights in 230 and 270 g/m².