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Imagine a fabric web 1.60 m wide, the length is a good third of the Earth's circumference, so it is 13 million and 520 thousand meters long: this is the new annual capacity of the dye house in the production plant of Lauffenmühle in Lörrach-Brombach.

In order to be able to respond even better to the - also short-termed - needs of our customers in the future, the capacity of the dyeing plant was increased to 260,000 linear meters (from 160,000 linear meters) per week through investments of around 400,000.- €. The corresponding conversion work in the Lörrach-Brombach production plant was successfully completed in mid-March 2018 and the new production facilities were put into operation.

Lauffenmühle spinning mill and weaving mill are located at the company's headquarters in Lauchringen.