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Federal Environmental Agency at Lauffenmühle

The president of the Federal Environmental Agency, Maria Krautzberger, with her team visited Lauffenmühle at August 28th 2017. Foto: Südkurier | Fr. Schleinzer-Bilal

In addition to being shown around the company, the goal of the visit was to have a professional exchange regarding sustainable textile manufacturing. Since Lauffenmühle has often been named as an exemplary and innovative company in matters of sustainable textile production, Ms Krautzberger was glad to obtain more detailed information on the company and its innovative products on site. Another reason for that was the fact that Lauffenmühle is one of the few of its kind where all three textile production process stages, i.e. spinning, weaving and finishing can be seen on one spot.

Also invited were Felix Schreiner, member of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, and Ms Schwarzelühr-Sutter, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety – and thus also jointly responsible for the Federal Environment Agency. As she said, this visit was important because the traditional textile industry was facing new challenges.

Already during the company presentation, the latest sustainability projects at Lauffenmühle provided ground for a lively exchange. The discussion got particularly lively on the subject of reworx®, the latest generation of tissue which can be re-entered into the biological cycle after the end of its own life cycle. Ms Krautzberger found this approach very exciting and encouraged the company to continue this path of sustainability.

The meeting was also attended by Mr Thomas Schäuble, Mayor of Lauchringen, as well as Ms Ziegler-Jung from the Office for Economic Development of Lörrach. Mr Jörg Lutz, Mayor of Lörrach, certainly did not miss the opportunity to welcome the President of the Federal Environment Agency at the Lauffenmühle's Lörrach production facility.


On the Photo at the previous (Overview) News-Page from the left to the right:
Mr. Dr. Heidemeier (FEA), Mr. Krause (FEA), Mr. Ritzi (CEO LFFM), Mrs. Schwarzelühr-Sutter (Parlam. State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for the Environment), Mr. Steidel (CEO LFFM), Mrs. Krautzberger (President FEA), Mrs. Pfeifer-Rosenfeldt (FEA), Mrs. Rechenberg (FEA), Mr. Schreiner (Member of the State Parl. BW), Mr. Schäuble (Mayor Lauchrgn.)