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We think that's great!

WorldSkills Germany: The World Championships of the professions - Pomoting young talent and safeguarding the future concerns all of us!

Lauffenmühle Insight

Imagine a fabric web 1.60 m wide, the length is a good third of the Earth's circumference, so it is 13 million and 520 thousand meters long: this is the new annual capacity of the dye house in the production plant of Lauffenmühle in Lörrach-Brombach.

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Gold: Circulatory Fashion by Manufactum

Since fast fashion leads to increasingly scarce raw materials, ever larger amounts of waste and social abuses, Manufactum decided to promote future-oriented ideas in the fashion sector through a cooperation project with Lauffenmühle.

Nomination: Grand Prix for Midsized Enterprises (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes)

Lauffenmühle is proud to have been nominated for the renown award for midsized enterprises – as the theme of the competition is today more important than ever: "Healthy middle class - strong economy" - The year 2018 is covered by the slogan "Shaping the Future".

Lauffenmühle footballers again successful!

Company sports teams of 17 very renowned companies of the region competed for the coveted trophy of the company tournament 2018 in the sports hall of the Werkrealschule in Lauchringen. We congratulate the successful Lauffenmühle team on the victory.

25 years of OEKO-TEX® - Hohenstein honors companies participating from the very beginning

Lauffenmühle was one of the pioneers in 2003, having its products certified by the Hohenstein Group according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Today Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces nearly all its fabrics according to the standard 100 by Öko-Tex product class 1, the so-called 'baby class', which includes the strictest criteria.

Sustainable Textiles - Consumers

More than 11,000 consumers worldwide were surveyed on behalf of the OEKO-TEX® community to highlight consumers' attitudes towards sustainability in terms of textiles - and their manufacturers or retailers. A rapid change of consciousness is noticeable.

Energy Management

Certification of the Energy Management System ISO 50001 renewed as on 24 December 2017.

We think that's great.

Silent goods: Luxury done differently. Durable materials. Exclusive design. Highest standards of craftsmanship. Lifetime guarantee. Absolute transparency. Launch campaign live on Kickstarter in the final phase.