Carbon Footprint improved significantly once more!

Compared to the base year 2002 Lauffenmühle could reduce the CO² emissions per running meter of finished fabric by 0.89 kg in total through continuous optimization of the production processes in spinning, weaving and finishing:






To optimize the energy balance, Lauffenmühle worked continuously along all three production stages. Since 2008 also the implementation of measurements being developed in conjunction with the introduction of the international bluesign standard of the textile industry made a contribution to the renewed significant reduction of CO² emissions. Therefore it was ensured that the - for the business year 2010 - aspired value of 2.3 kg / run.meter indicates to be a realistic objective target. After analysis of the available data concerning the business year 2010 this was confirmed by the achievement of an energy balance of 2.29 kg / run.meter of finished fabric, measured over all three production stages: spinning, weaving and finishing.



Lauffenmühle could reach this reduction of CO² emissions by a total of 29 % within eight years by continuously optimizing energy management. Additionally, with this remarkable reduction of CO² emissions one of the most important barriers in its self-conception of corporate social responsibility has been accomplished successfully.



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