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As a successful, fully integrated company with more than 180 years of experience in the textile manufacture of yarns and fabrics, we have specialised in the production of fabrics for conventional work wear, protective wear and corporate wear.


By combining intensive research and development and close cooperation with renowned research institutes as well as with our partners within the supply chain, we face the future demands. Our objective is to be able constantly offer our customers innovative ad high-quality products.


 Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG - Headquarter Lauchringen

Being one of the leading European manufacturers for high-quality yarns and fabrics, we manufacture fully integrated exclusively in Germany at two locations on the High-Rhine: Lauchringen and Lörrach.  


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A look back at Expoprotection Nov 2014



Innovative multifunctional fabrics for use in personal protective equipment


The Expoprotection specialist PPE trade fair took place from 4 – 6 November 2014 at the Porte de Versailles exhibition site in Paris.


Lauffenmühle showcased several innovative PPE fabrics for use in protection against heat and flame and electric arc and in high-visibility clothing. Multifunctional protection, outstanding wearability and differentiation options offered by interesting new weaves were the central themes driving our product developments.


Com4-Guard®, the product range for heat and flame protection, also features the new Lea Multi 365 with its attractive Panama weave, the multifunctional Warntec 400 in high-visibility orange, and Warntec FR Light, plus a new flame-retardant shirt and blouse fabric. In particular, the completely new development Com4-Guard® FlashGuard 490, a very good insulating fabric for heat & flame retardance which is laminated with a fleece inside caused great interest because it offers in both of the two categories welding and electric arc protection class 2 and is easy to be processed as it's - due to the lamination - a single-ply fabric.


New cross-twill weaves were presented in the Warntec product range, which gives protection through high visibility.


In addition, for the first time, we showed “Startec Relax” – a highly wearable elastic fabric and a useful option for all working areas in which protection against electric arc is required.




Please contact us if we have aroused your curiosity. We would be pleased to present our innovations to you at any time or send you the relevant information!


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    A+A 2015 - Our Booth H3 E55

    We cordially invite you to meet us at A+A show in Düsseldorf from 27th until 30th of October.

  • 2015-05-22

    Techtextil show May 04th - 07th 2015 - a review

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  • 2014-08-08

    Products acc. to Ökotex Standard 100, product class 1

    Conversion of products to comply with Ökotex Standard 100, product category 1 from 01 July 2014

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